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Received 9/18/2018 ..........

A Great Band Is Worth 7-10 Points

I've been thinking about this more and more lately, and it is so true.

Going to 50+ games a year, I get to see every type of band you can imagine.

There are some great bands like Sumner, Union, Camas and Lake Stevens. There are also some absolutely awful bands, that I can't even figure out what part of the anthem they are playing as I try to sing along. Those bands will remain nameless (""Can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" - My mom" - Every mom)(catch the Michael Scott reference).

When the stadium is rockin' and rollin' with a good band, I have seen teams gain energy. Trust me, it happens.

Ryland Spencer

Received 5/22/2016 ..........

When you see a high performing band as disciplined as the Sumner High School Band, you realize that there is a bright future for our country. Thanks for what you do and the delight you bring to so many.

Ned Schumann
Port Townsend, WA

Received 6/1/2014 ..........

Just wanted to give a "shout out," to your high school band for their wonderful performance at the parade yesterday.  Our whole group agreed that your band was the best.  Loved their performance and their choice of music!
Keep up the good work and be proud!

Susan Bradley
Shelton, WA

Received 2/25/2013 ..........

Funny thing...after the Lynden Lions ended our state run (AGAIN!) I was confronted by Lynden head coach Brian Roper (AGAIN!). He said,  "Coach McDaniel never in my life have we seen... (I am thinking at this point some nice comment about my team and our players)...a band like yours!..." Now even though I would have liked the comment about our team...I quickly felt the need to say..."THEY ARE OURS...YOU CANT HAVE THEM...STAY AWAY!" He understood my terms and backed off at this point. LOL

Joe, your band has become a global sensation worthy of its own Harlem Shake! I am truly honored to be witness every Tuesday and Friday night to your kids playing music like their pants are on fire. The entire state is blown away by our band and that is because of their amazing leader. Joe, you deserve a Mr. Spencer please see to it that Joe Carl gets 20% of our future superintendents salary.Keep up the good work Joe and thanks for your efforts this season. Sumner basketball is not about the game...its about the BAND! 

Brett  McDaniel
Sumner High School
Leadership and PE Teacher
Boy's Basketball Coach 

Received 2/25/2013 ..........


I just want to thank YOU one more time for all you do with our band program and for Sumner High School.  It is such a treat to work with you and you band.  It is with great pride that I say I am a Spartan and you and your band are great ambassadors for our school and our league.  

Without a doubt, the most dedicated band I have ever been associated with.  They are all true Spartans! 

Thank you once again.

Jeff Baines
Sumner High School
Assistant Principal

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