Jazz A, B, and C

Before September, students audition for spots in either Jazz A, B, or C ensembles.  Students play with others well matched in ability and experience.  These bands are the only sub-groups of the Sumner Band, and specialize in a specific genre of music.

While the Jazz Ensembles do play at Band concerts, they also perform at various other events and competitions throughout the year. 

These musicians meet very early in the morning before regular classes begin.  They are extra dedicated and busy Spartan Bandmates!

Weekly Schedule:

Mondays & Thursdays

5:55-6:40AM Jazz A Rehearsal
6:35-6:40AM Group Announcements (A/B/C)
6:40-7:15AM Jazz B Rehearsal/Jazz C Sectionals


5:55-6:40AM Jazz B Rehearsal
6:35-6:40AM Group Announcements (A/B/C)
6:40-7:15AM Jazz C Rehearsal/Jazz A Sectionals


NO Jazz Rehearsals (Late-Start Schedule)


5:55-6:20AM Jazz A Rehearsal
6:23-6:48AM Jazz B Rehearsal
6:51-7:15AM Jazz C Rehearsal